Overview of the Best Website Builders – Specs of an Ideal Builder

Overview of the Best Website Builders – Specs of an Ideal Builder
  1. Free: 7

    Connect Domain: 5

    Combo: 9

    Unlimited: 5

    VIP: 22

    On the wide spectrum of website building solutions, Zenfolio lives on the end that is all-inclusive and provides everything you need to get started and grow your photography website.
  2. Free: 8

    Connect Domain: 7

    Combo: 9

    Unlimited: 9

    VIP: 38

    Weebly is the best website builder for small business sites. Its drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to use, while its large range of features and apps means your site will be able to pack a punch.
  3. Free: 4

    Connect Domain: 6

    Combo: 5

    Unlimited: 7

    VIP: 49

    Strikingly is the best website builder for one page websites. If you’re not familiar with one page websites, they are long websites where clicking the navigation scrolls you up and down the page.
  4. Free: 7

    Connect Domain: 6

    Combo: 8

    Unlimited: 7

    VIP: 39.95

    Web.com offers convenient low-cost plans that provide you with a website builder, domain name, and web hosting.
  5. Free: 9

    Connect Domain: 10

    Combo: 8

    Unlimited: 10

    VIP: 15

    Creating a website should be easy and fun — this is our philosophy here at uKit. Let your imagination run wild or use predefined options.

In the current business space, sites are turning out to be paramount if a professional or a vendor is to realize their full potential in regards to advocacy, revenues, and profits. The internet is quickly revolutionizing how business is conducted today. Millions of ventures have recorded skyrocketed orders and profits after publishing sites and setting up online stores. Moreover, consumers today find it convenient to look for an item or services in online stores from the comfort of their homes. If you are not settled on whether or not to have a site, it is essential to have one if you’re interested in growing your business.

5 Top Website Builders You Can Consider for Your Next Site

With a surge of demand for sites, top website builders are entering the space as the existing ones polish their builder platforms for efficiency. On that note, this kind of builder is ideal for some specific industries and not for others. Picking your preferred builder will depend on the purpose for which you are building the site. There are several good website creation services out there, each has its advantages and disadvantages, and these are only relevant when you consider the reason for your site. For example, if you want to set up a blog, it’s important to pick a websitebuilder with a cool blogging system. If you want to design an online store, you want to go for a builder that makes it convenient for you to gain traffic to your store and conduct business online. Let’s have a glimpse at some of the most popular modern website builders.


Standing as the leader in cloud-based website builder service, Wix.com allows you to design spectacular websites whether or not you have any coding skills. The builder features over 500 predesigned templates to choose from. Building a site has never been easier as all you have to do is to reposition image and text containers to match your preferred layout. Noteworthy, Wix Editor enables users to customize their sites further, and this is the only instance where some basic coding skills are needed. Let’s look at the pros and cons of Wix.com:


    •    Free hosting services:  download any software as the website builder has its web hosting service

    •    500+ professionally designed templates  

    •    Template designs are compatible with various mobile platforms

    •    Advanced marketing functionalities and SEO tools

    •    Dependable and resourceful customer support service  

    •    Own domain name for your site


    •    Not suitable for complex websites

    •    Customized functions are difficult to use

    •    Limitations in data importation and exportation


Wix.com has three subscription packages, namely Premium, Domain, and Mailboxes. In the premium tier, the rates are categorized according to the features offered in a given plan. Also, billing is done annually. The prices are as follows:

    •    VIP Plan - $24.50/Month

    •    Unlimited - $12.50/Month

    •    Combo - $8.50/Month

    •    Connect Domain - $4/Month


Weebly, one of the top 5 website builders, is a simple-to-use and interactive site builder. The website builder has a selection of cool professional templates you can pick for your site. Enjoy free hosting services as Weebly website builder has its own facilities for this purpose. The good thing about this is that your visitors will enjoy the high speed and performance of your site. If you intend to set up a professional-looking site with great e-commerce functionalities, then consider using Weebly. Here are some of the pros and cons of this website builder:


    •    It features a Weebly App Center where you can further customize your site

    •    Advanced marketing features including SEO tools

    •    Manage and edit your site on the mobile platform

    •    Optimized for Online stores

    •    Easy to navigate options


    •    Limitations in data exportation to other platforms

    •    Limited analytics functionalities

    •    Not the best option for complex websites


This web page builder is among the best ones to start with as it offers a free basic use package for starters. Noteworthy, this package is limited in terms of features. Two subscription tiers are depending on the purpose of your site. These are “For Websites” and “For Online Stores.” Please note that the monthly subscriptions are billed annually. Here are the plan prices:

For websites

    •    Connect - $5/Month

    •    Pro - $12/Month

    •    Business - $25/Month

For online stores

    •    Pro - $12/Month

    •    Business - $25/Month

    •    Business Plus - $38/Month


This is a widely used platform to build a website. Ukit.com is simple to use when designing your site as the editor implements the drag-and-drop mechanism to customize the layout. This means you can build a professional site whether you know how to code or not. Ukit.com has hundreds of predesigned templates; all you have to do is choose the one that fits your needs. Shifting gears, let’s have a look at the positives and the negatives of this website creator:


    •    Numerous awesome designs to choose from

    •    Templates are compatible with mobile platforms

    •    Allows further personalization of the designs

    •    Great for online stores and providing reliable customer support

    •    Features incredible E-Commerce offerings

    •    Keep track of your site’s performance using Google Analytics and Console features


    •    Infrequent backup of web files

    •    Does not facilitate the exportation of data

    •    The domain fee does not include email forwarding services  


This is one of the most cheaply priced builders in the market today. Each subscription plan gives you access to a set of features. Here are the rates for the specific plans:

    •    Minimal 4$/month

    •    Basic $8/Month

    •    E-Commerce $9.30/Month

    •    Pro $12/Month

For blogging purposes, you can use Minimal as there is no significant need for advanced features such as SEO functionalities. However, for businesses such as online stores, going for the Pro plan would come in handy in facilitating marketing and analytics.


Shopify is a top-ranking website building company. It is widely used in the building of e-commerce sites such as online stores, as the features included are handy in the development and running of sites in these industries. Several advanced features make it possible to optimize sites and evaluate their performance online. Setting up a complex site will take you at most a few hours as Shopify website builder has the basis already done for you. Let’s check the positives and negatives of this builder:


    •    Features SEO marketing functionalities

    •    Supports third-party application and Add-ons

    •    A wide selection of professional designs

    •    You will be changed zero transaction fees when using Shopify payment gateway

    •    Compatible with the mobile platform, you can manage your sites right from your hand device

    •    Reliable customer support service


    •    Further personalization of sites might prove challenging

    •    Top tier subscribers can only access analytics features

    •    The complexity of data exportation

    •    Only one follow-up email sent for abandoned carts


Shopify has three subscription plans; therefore, you can pick one depending on the size and requirements of your site. Here are the rates:

    •    Basic Shopify - $29

    •    Shopify - $79

    •    Advanced Shopify - $299

It goes without saying that Shopify tops as the priciest website maker among those reviewed. Nonetheless, the rates correspond to the services and benefits offered. Looking at an example, Shopify enables vendors to sell as many products as they can without any limitation on any of the plans. Another essential benefit is that a user can set up employee accounts using the primary account.


Squarespace is a top brand and one of the easiest website builder platforms. Whether you are looking to build an online store, share your portfolio, or put together a stunning site, Squarespace has got you covered. This website builder has award-winning templates and designs suitable for different markets. Let’s take a look at the associated advantages and disadvantages:  


    •    Enjoy free web hosting - expenses covered the regular price

    •    Facilitates easier importation and exportation of data from and to other platforms

    •    Highly resourceful 24/7 customer support

    •    Advanced site personalization tools

    •    Professional reporting and marketing functionalities


    •    Does not support third-party app and Add-Ons integration

    •    Not intuitive to use therefore has a learning curve

    •    Complexity in editing processes

    •    The packages are expensive in comparison to other website builder platforms


Squarespace is one of the best website builder platforms to use if you are designing a site with monetization in mind. If not, the investment cost of designing and publishing the site in addition to the maintenance cost will be overwhelming. The company offers a 25% discount for all payments billed annually. Here are the various available tiers:

    •    Personal $12/Month

    •    Business $18/Month

    •    Basic Commerce $26/Month

    •    Advanced Commerce $40/Month

The first plan is much limited and not suitable for the extensive application, as there is little you can do except for personal use. If you are building the site for business, you should consider using the higher tiers.

H2: Importance of Having a Site – Use a Simple Website Builder

The best way for a company to maintain relevance in the market is by acknowledging and embracing change as it comes, and the fastest way to get out of business is by neglecting the marketplace dynamics. The internet age has revolutionized business and how it is conducted. Today, transactions are conducted online, and purchases are made over the internet; marketing is done online using Social Media and emailing. Therefore, a solid online presence of a business is gradually becoming a necessity for the success of an enterprise. Potential customers should be able to locate your store online with ease. Here are some of the many reasons you should have a site up and running:

    •    For purposes of brand visibility, a website allows you to package and present your products and services more conveniently and economically

    •    Many customers prefer doing business with enterprises over the internet

    •    Helps a business present its services in a more professional way

    •    The chances are that other players in your industry have websites

    •    Grow your market coverage from local to global

    •    Customers can access your store 27/4

    •    There are resourceful website builder platforms which are very affordable to use

A business having a website is essential. Customers who aren’t able to reach your physical store should be able to access the products from the comfort of their homes. If not, then you can be sure that you are losing a huge chunk of the consumer base. Most of the website builder platforms incorporate hosting services in their offers, so you don’t have to worry about separate payments. Also, this ensures fast load times for your site. In today’s market space, you can be sure that your business strategy is not competitive enough if you do not have a website.

Should I Pick a Quick Website Builder or a Web Developer?

Some factors need to be considered for this question to be satisfactorily answered. Looking for a trained developer to set up a site is much costly and requires a high investment. For a while now, only flourishing businesses have been able to go for the developer option since they have the necessary finances. The best option for small and medium scale businesses has been to use a web builder.  However, one of the disadvantages associated with these website builder platforms is the control tradeoffs. Following are three essential guidelines to help you pick the appropriate option for your business:

    •    Consider the profitability of your business – Would the website investment have any significant effect on your business’ finances  

    •    What is the expected revenue growth as a direct result of the website – Will the website boost the profitability of your business

    •    How sustainable is your enterprise – New investments come with new expenditures

Having considered the above, the ideal businesses to have a developer design highly customized sites for them are enterprises with huge profit margins and a constant revenue flow to cover the expenses associated. You should not pay for the design of a website and later on apply for loans to inject into the business. This would be a high-risk investment as you are not guaranteed immediate sales via the online platform. It is important to keep in mind that having the site up and running is only the first task, the other part involves getting specialists to administrate and maintain it. This requires more money as you will have to pay for hosting, hire an administrator, and cater to the maintenance cost. If your business can cover the expenses, then source for a good developer to build you a site, but if your enterprise is still growing, then take advantage of a cheap website builder. You can always shift from a site designed using a website builder to a site designed by a developer later on after your enterprise has grown.

Who Should Build Sites Using Modern Website Builders?

The most economical way to design and launch a site is by taking advantage of cheap website builder platforms. Most of them feature a wide selection of amazing templates ready for personalization. Having a site built from scratch is an awesome thing, but using a website builder will also get the job done if there are no opportunities for hiring a developer without any financial strains. There is inevitably some design control you’ll have to trade-off with a website builder. Even so, you will get a professional website that will enable you to reach your customers and target group more efficiently. Website builders are ideal for the following individuals and entities:

    •    Growing enterprises

    •    Bloggers

    •    Activists

    •    Professionals

    •    Hobbyists

    •    In-trial ideas and startups

    •    Small NGOs

If whatever you are doing is still in its initial stages, designing a site from scratch would be an investment that poses a high risk. A website builder allows you to connect with your target group over the internet without committing a lot of finances. You can start with getting a pre-designed site to help grow your business, and can later shift to a fully customized site designed by a professional once your enterprise is stable enough. Noteworthy, most modern website builders have advanced features such as analytics and SEO tools, so you are not limited in regards to what you can do.

Features of A Great Web Page Builder

Worth mentioning, the goodness or badness of a website maker can only be highlighted by means of the intended purpose of a landing page. Outside this, all website builder platforms are unique, each offering different functionalities for varying purposes. On that note, the features to look for in a site builder must align with the purpose of the website creation. Nevertheless, there are standard features every builder should have for efficiency purposes:

    •    Dependable customer support staff

    •    Designs should be compatible with the mobile platform

    •    Should feature some basic SEO functionalities

    •    Tutorials and documentation on how to use the website builder

For websites with monetization strategies, advanced functionalities are a necessity as these will facilitate optimization and revenue growth. For example, for individuals seeking to start an online store, you should source for a website builder with the following features:

    •    Advanced marketing tools and capabilities

    •    Professional advice offered with the builder

    •    Google analytics integration

    •    Add-Ons and third-party applications support

    •    Reliable marketing tools

SEO tools and marketing features are a must-have for a website builder if you want to design a site primarily for business. These will enable you to reach your customers easily and at the same time, monitor the performance of your site without much hassle. From time to time, you might have challenges with designing or managing your site, and having a friendly professional advice is essential. Considering that almost all builders have limitations, it is essential that the one you settle for supports other Add-Ons which will enable to perform activities that the website builder cannot.

Strategies on Locating the Best Platform to Build a Website

With so many builders out there, how do you find the one that best suits their needs? While there are no documented ways to do this, there are guidelines you can follow and find the website builder that best suits your needs. Let’s look at some of the factors you should consider:  

    •    Note down the purpose for your site – Outline the things you wish to achieve with it

    •    Check various building platforms and features they offer – The best website builder should enable you to achieve your purpose by using the available features effortlessly

    •    Check price for various plans offered by multiple builders – The ideal website builder should offer great value for your money

    •    How long have they been around? – Website builder platforms that have been around for a while often offer fantastic features, and they have undergone development transitions and updates

    •    Have a look at website builder reviews online – Know what other people are saying about a builder and gauge their experiences in regards to how they’ve rated the builder

    •    Take advantage of high tier trial periods – Subscribe for trial offers and see what different builders have in store for you

    •    Evaluate the support services offered – Go for a simple website builder that will help you, in any event, you are stricken by uncertainty

The ideal website builder software should enable you to effortlessly meet and surpass your goals in regards to the site. Have a look at testimonials presented by other users. These will often be honest opinions regarding their experiences while using various website builders. Also, trials present a good avenue where you can try different platforms before committing yourself financially. If you want to boost sales, the website builder should have the necessary tools to help you do that. It is wise to compare several options and evaluate which one best fits your needs.

Testimonials of Modern Website Builders

Here are experiences and opinions of other users who’ve built their sites using various building platforms:

    •    Olivia, Ukit.com user

A friend recommended this website builder to me and gave reasons why I should choose Ukit.com to set up my online store. I haven’t regretted about the decision, as my customers can access the store from their mobile devices and the analytics features are very handy. I recommend Ukit.com for building E-Commerce sites.

    •    William, Squarespace user

As an artist, finding a good builder for showcasing my work was essential. Squarespace was really resourceful in enabling me to set up an awesome website where I could feature galleries and HD images of my pieces. Their templates are just ideal for such a task. I have been able to showcase my work to millions around the world, thanks to their marketing tools. I know I couldn’t do it without them, thank you Squarespace team.

    •    Emily, Wix.com user

I’ve always wanted to have a fashion blog of my own but didn’t quite know where to start. I saw a Wix.com ad and decided to give it a try. The builder features a cool blogging system that enabled me to design and launch my blog in no time. Since I started, the support staff have been really helpful. Now I can share my ideas and get opinions regarding fashion from other enthusiasts around the world. It’s awesome.

    •    Abigail, Shopify user

I never believed that building an online store would take minutes until I gave Shopify a try. One of the great things about this site builder is that it has a wide selection of templates that best fit different markets. At first, I thought they were costly, but later on, I figured out that the features and benefits were worth the cash. Now my online store is bringing in more revenues in comparison to my physical store.

    •    Robert, Weebly user

I am fully convinced that this was the best website builder for building a professional site for my law firm. This has enabled us to boost the visibility of our company, and I can say for sure that business has increased over the one year. I definitely recommend this builder for any professional who intends to gain visibility and expand their business. I’m a happy customer.

Top Site Builders for Various Industries and Market Segments

Care to know which platform is the best for designing different types of sites? Let’s take a look at the best site building services and their ideal market segments:

    •    Best website builders for small businesses

Some of the necessary features required for designing a website for a small business include basic marketing and analytics tools. Here are two of the ideal platforms which offer resourceful SEO tools:

    •    Shopify

    •    Wix

    •    Top website builders for a blogging system

While a blogging system does not place a high demand for advanced features, there are building platforms that facilitate the easier design of blogs and also exportation of the data to other online platforms. Builders you can consider for this purpose include:

    •    Squarespace

    •    Weebly

    •    Best website builders for a photographer

Templates suitable for a photography website ought to have dynamic image containers that support gallery display and smooth transition of images. Here are some of the platforms that excel at this:

    •    Squarespace

    •    Weebly

    •    Best E-Commerce site builder services

If you want to open an online store, here are some of the best options you can have:

    •    Wix

    •    Shopify

Shopify stands as one of the best platforms for E-Commerce, considering there is no limitation to your product listing, and also there are no transaction fees applied.

    •    Best professional site builder services

If you want a clean and stunning website that visitors can’t help but get captured by its professionalism, then go for either of the following builders. They are great for sites designed to sell services:

    •    Squarespace

    •    Wix

    •    The best mobile website builder services

If you want to be able to manage your site right from your phone, and you want your customers to be able to place orders using their hand-held devices, then either of these builders will get the job done:

    •    Wix

    •    Weebly

    •    Best drag-and-drop site builder platforms

Do you really want to get a site up and running in the shortest time possible? Then a builder that utilizes drag-and-drop mechanism is essential. Here are the best two platforms you can consider using:

    •    Ukit

    •    Weebly


Got any queries? Let’s have a look at some of the frequently asked questions:

Is it possible to design my first site all by myself?

Yes, it is possible when using an easy-to-navigate website builder. Most site-building platforms offer onboarding services where you are shown how to navigate options and interact with various functionalities of the editor.

What are the rates if I want to design my site?

Hiring a developer to build you a site is really costly, and this is only the upfront expense. The cost can go up to $3000 or even more. Using a website builder is cheaper and makes things much easier. The price associated ranges somewhere between $10 to $100 depending on the builder and the plan you’ve opted for.

Can I import and export data from building platforms?

Today, most builders facilitate the exportation of data to other platforms. However, the process might be a little bit complex.

Why should I go for a builder with SEO functionalities?

SEO is what optimizes a site for higher Google rankings, therefore boosting its visibility. It is essential to go for a builder that offers tools for optimizing landing pages.

Can I use my current domain name?

Not all site-building platforms facilitate the usage of the current domain name. Platforms such as Wix.com allows users to do this.

Is my data secure when using website builders?

You are guaranteed of data privacy and confidentiality when using website builders. These platforms have advanced security features and technologies such as data encryption to ensure the security of user information.

We have looked at the top-ranking site-building platforms and the procedure you can use to locate the one that suits your needs. Well, it’s time to hit the ground running and design your site. Weigh your options and pick the ideal platform for you. Happy site building!